Volunteer Badge



This badge, retroactive to January 1, 2024, is in recognition of the efforts of our volunteers and there are many ways to earn it. The following is a list of ways but if there is something not mentioned, I’m sure it would qualify. Just let us know on your log: badges@iroquoia.on.ca.

The badge is awarded based on earning 25 points.

Hikes within Iroquoia Club

Lead a hike – 1 point.
Lead a 6-day multi-day hike – 6 points.
Sweep a hike – 1 point.
Sweep every day on a 6-day hike – 6 points.
Participate in the car shuttle by driving – 1 point.
Provide a Trail Angel service – 1 point.
Collect trail trash (across the entire trail) – 1 point for each large item or 1 point for each bag carried out
Participate in a Club fundraiser hike – 4 points for the Club ETE – 4-day event, Iroquoia ETE in 6 or 10 – 1 point.
Purchase any of the other badges – 1 point.
Volunteer at any BTC event or the BTC offices – 1 point

Trail Maintenance/ Conservation Efforts within Iroquoia Club

Participate in a work party – 1 point.
Report a substantial trail issue via the Bruce Trail app – 1 point.
Trail Captain – 1 point for each inspection
Trail Monitor – 1 point for each inspection
Trail Steward – 1 point for each inspection
Conservation Efforts – 1 point for each outing or work party.

IBTC Behind the Scenes

Board reports, badge designs, badge reports, website updates, social media updates, general office work.

Please keep track of your volunteerism and submit a log when you apply for this badge to: badges@iroquoia.on.ca