Club Awards

Club Awards and Winners

Members of IBTC are invited to submit nominations for any award.  Please send submissions to Jordan Scott, Volunteer Director at, to be received before March 31 (the end of the Club’s financial year). 

The following board members are responsible for identifying the recipients of the following awards:

  • Trail Maintenance Award ~ Trail Maintenance Director
  • Hike Award ~ Hike Director
  • Public Education & Publicity, Volunteer Award ~ Public Education & Publicity Director
  • Conservation Award – Land Stewardship ~ Land Stewardship Director
  • Volunteer of the Year Award ~ Volunteer Director
  • Junior Appreciation Award ~ Current President
  • Commendation Award ~ Current President
  • Friends of the Trail Award ~ Current President
  • President’s Award ~ Current President

The Board will endorse the recipients of all other awards. Awards should be identified a month before the AGM.

We are proud to announce the 2023 Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club awards!

Trail Maintenance Award: René Lebel

Hike Award: Joe Borges

Public Education & Publicity Award: Trish Murphy

Conservation Award: Martin McSweeney and the Buckthorn Busters

Volunteer of the Year Award: Christine Hanley

Commendation Award: Joe Gould, Allan Meyer

Friends of the Trail Award: Dr. Stuart Connolly, Chris Janssens