About Volunteering

The Bruce Trail needs you! After enjoying the gifts the Bruce Trail has to offer, many people have decided to give something back. The Bruce Trail is made possible by the work and dedication of more than 1,500 volunteers.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help secure the Bruce Trail, be part of a team, learn new skills and develop lasting friendships. Volunteering with the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club allows you to choose from a variety of opportunities with various levels of commitment. From trail to board of directors, volunteers typically commit between four and 16 hours per month.

The numerous volunteer opportunities include trail maintenance and monitoring; leading hikes as a hike leader; working for publicity, social media, membership, landowner relations or land stewardship; sitting on the board of directors and more.

Get Involved!

We are so happy you're interested in volunteering with the Iroquoia Club. Here are some steps to get involved:


All Positions

Here is a summary below of all the positions and their general responsibilities and skills required for the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club.

Position Purpose Skills
President  Responsible for providing leadership and oversight on club direction and ongoing operations. Also development and promotion of the overall objectives and goals of the club. - Leadership, relationship building
- Good communication, organizational, networking and facilitation skills
- Liaison with BTC
Board Positions Board of director positions include: Land Owner Relations, Publicity & Public Education, Land Stewardship, Membership, Volunteering, Hiking, Social Media & Communications, Secretary/Archivist. - Organizational skills, creativity, teamwork
- Communication skills
- All roles require technology & computer skills
Hike Leader Leads hikes for members and non-members, plans routes, sets pace and points out areas of interest to hikers. Ensures safety of hikers. - Knowledgeable about the environment, plants and animals
- Knowledgeable about the hike routes
- Good with leading people
Land Steward Responsible for implementing the Land Stewardship Program on specific properties. - Good observation skills
- Knowledge of local plants and animals
Land Owner Ambassador Develop relations with specific land owners. Help to identify new properties for purchase or trail access. - Good relationship building and communication skills
Special Events Volunteer Organize special events, such as annual End-to-End and Bruce Trail Day. Includes logistics, volunteers, refreshments, etc. - Ability to talk to people about the Bruce Trail Conservancy
- People person, ability to motivate volunteers
Trail Captain Custody of a section of the trail to ensure it is clear and safe to hike, including
- Ability to do basic trail maintenance
- Good observation skills
Trail Maintenance Volunteer Help with construction and repairs on the trail. Must be able to build various projects on the trail, such as bridges and stiles. - Ability to work as a member of a team
Trail Monitor Responsible to walk an assigned section of the trail and report issues. - Good observation skills
- Ability to walk regularly on the trail
Conservation Volunteer Helps with restoration and conservation projects as needed that range from removing invasive species to planting native trees and flora, and everything in between. Ability to work as a member of a team as well as independently on small, specific assignments.