Junior Hiker Program

Junior Hiker Program

Get your child hooked on hiking! Inspire your child to complete a three-kilometre seasonal hike and celebrate with a beautiful badge. Discover the joy and benefits of walking in the woodlands, meadows and shorelines of the Bruce Trail. Share your favourite places on the Trail or take your child on mapped or guided Bruce Trail Club hikes. Four distinct badges are available for a small fee, one for each season. Once your child has completed a hike in each season, a FREE Junior Hiker Badge is awarded.  All hikes do not need to be completed in the same year.

Why connect children to nature?

  • To provide children with an opportunity to learn to love and enjoy the woodlands
  • To provide children with an opportunity to benefit from walking in the woods – physiologically and psychologically
  • To create an opportunity for these young citizens to develop a commitment to protect their woodlands.

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The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club’s Junior Hiker Badge program is an opportunity for a child (under 13) to earn a new and unique badge for every season of the year. Seasonal badges are earned after completing a minimum 3 km hike on any white or blue blazed section of the Bruce Trail within the Iroquoia Section. As each hike is completed, you may send the child’s hike log with a self-addressed and stamped envelope including $7 per badge to receive their Winter Hike Badge, Spring Hike Badge, Summer Hike Badge and/or Autumn Hike Badge. Please send these requests to Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club, Box 71507, Burlington, Ontario, L7T 4J8. When all four badges are earned, the child is awarded with a Junior Hiker badge at the courtesy of the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club.

Suggested Hikes and Activities

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