We are currently looking for a Trail Development & Maintenance Director.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in our club, we are currently looking for a Trail Development & Maintenance Director. Below is a description of what the position entails. If you are interested in learning more information please email Cecilia Gibbons.

Trail Director
Responsible for the planning, maintenance and overall quality of the Trail in the Club’s section,
and for the overall organization and operation of the Club’s trail work.

Essential Elements:
• Read the Volunteer Orientation Booklet including the Volunteer Pledge and sign the BTC Confidentiality Agreement
• Maintain an accurate roster of Trail Captains and other trail volunteers
• Recruit new Trail Captains and other workers as needed
• Collect Trail Status Reports from the Trail Captains
• Work cooperatively with the Trail Captains regarding the planning, organizing and execution of regular trail maintenance
• Regularly monitor the state of the Trail via reports from Trail Captains, Head Office or others, and ensure that trail problems are corrected in a timely manner
• Maintain an adequate supply and accurate inventory of signs, paint, nails, stakes and other building materials, along with the club tools, preferably in a central location. This includes the regular maintenance of the club chainsaws and brush cutters.
• Work with the Landowner Relations Director towards securing a permanent route for the Trail in the Club section
• Keep the membership informed regarding the state of the Trail, including current projects and reroutes
• Co-operate with the BTC Cartographer to keep the Trail Reference Guide and maps up to date and accurate
• Notify BTC Trail Director of Trail reroutes and new construction as required
• Ensure that all necessary approvals, permits and landowner permission are in place before carrying out new construction or reroutes
• Attend meetings of the Trail Development and Maintenance Committee.

It is helpful to have:
• Good people skills
• Good organizational ability
• Ability to design and oversee construction projects